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SoulFcked Podcast

I did it – I jumped & faced my fear!

This afternoon was simply put… MAGICAL.

A little back-story…

A few years ago, I KNEW I wanted a platform to inspire and empower people to be seen and heard as their authentic selves. I wasn’t clear on what that really looked like, only that it would be a place where women especially could speak up and begin to see their scars as beauty marks and something to be PROUD of. Fast forward to December 2016 and I put it in writing that within 90 days, this platform would come to fruition.

Literally, within weeks, I was contacted by a local San Diego company asking me to do a podcast. Originally I thought they meant to come on as a guest. But then I found out it was bigger than that. They were offering me a HOME to host MY OWN podcast in THEIR studio with a producer ready to rock my voice and bring it to the world. I could create anything I wanted – no limits. MY show done MY way.

Are you kidding me?!


The Road To Radical Self Love

LOVE. It’s not something we ‘learn’ – it’s WHO we are. At our core, we are the very definition in its purest form, but somewhere along the way, we feel we need to earn this. Even from ourselves. Why is that? Because society says so?

To some extent, sure. I mean, it can be hard to love someone who is terrible towards you or the world. However, I also believe that LOVE is the only way we heal – individually and collectively. When we CHOOSE love, we choose FREEDOM. And don’t you want to be free?

Here’s the deal. We don’t always get to choose our circumstances, I get it. But we are the only ones in charge of our reaction to them. And it really can be THAT easy. If you say so…


The Moment I Realized I Was Capable Of BIG Love

It took me a year and a half to say YES to a new relationship.

After being with someone for 11 years, I knew that the next time I agreed to go “all in” with someone, it would have to be with someone that I could see myself with – long-term.

I took the first year after my break-up to myself to just do me – and when I began dating, everything I thought I knew about the dating world had (shockingly) changed!

Random Thoughts

The Key To Attracting All That We Want In Life

I believe wholeheartedly that we attract people into our experience based on WHO WE ARE. That means that WHAT and WHO we attract may change from time to time as we go through our own process and journey…

It can be incredibly humbling, to say the least, when we realize that those we felt so connected to are not at all what they appeared to be initially…

But is that US or THEM?

And it can be a hard pill to swallow when we attract people that are completely out of alignment with our core beliefs and desires – yet for whatever reason, they were brought into our lives, regardless…

Random Thoughts

Unbreakable Self Love

Unbreakable self love.

It can be really hard to accept that we teach people how to treat us. Because if you find yourself in a relationship, be it romantic or otherwise, that isn’t serving and supporting your highest self, that means you had a hand in the creation of such. And that stinks! The cool part though is that with that awareness comes a new set of eyes. And a chance to reset your filter as to what you’re willing to tolerate. What you feel you’re worth! Because the truth is, we are all mirrors. What we attract, we already are.