Random Thoughts

Better Together

Not enough can be said for how much I value and respect those that challenge and push me to be better every day.

You can choose to see these things as jabs into your character or abilities – or you can see them as beautiful gifts to encourage growth and expansion… a chance to be better in all areas of your life. I hope you choose the latter.

We’re all perfectly imperfect. THAT is what makes us WHO WE ARE. THAT is what makes us unique. There is ALWAYS more to experience, including becoming the best version of ourselves, which is always evolving.

As you reach the point you’ve been set on achieving, you will likely find you want more. At least that’s how it always happens for me. Settling for WHAT IS leaves me bored. I can’t handle complacency or mediocrity. Not much bothers me in this world – but those things… they make my skin crawl.

I find inspiration from my 87 years old Nana who, despite being partially paralyzed with minimal speech after her stroke, continues to take classes in subjects that interest her and has a social calendar that even the high schools jocks would envy. She may be aging in her physical body, but I guarantee that her spirit is as young and carefree as it’s ever been. THAT is living! THAT is growth!

Reach higher, sweet friends. Find something or someone that inspires you. Commit to being your BEST SELF daily. There is always room for improvement… this is a GOOD thing! Embrace it and know that as you expand, so does the world around you.

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