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Consciousness. What does it mean to you?

I had the pleasure of spending the weekend with a group of incredible people. I was inspired by their hearts, their selflessness and their ability LOVE for no other reason than that’s WHO they are. We all are.

The truth is, you don’t need to go to another country to inspire hope and provide something magical to others. Sadly, there are plenty of people in your very own backyard that need support and resources. Often, this truth goes unnoticed.

As a society, we get so caught up in our own day-to-day that we fail to recognize all that’s going on around us.

But we are all connected. Seeing this is a CHOICE. Open your beautiful eyes. It can be painful to admit that we are as fortunate as we are because it can create a sort of guilt or shame. Don’t let it! Instead, choose to SHOW up in your life and the lives of others.

In all of the volunteer work that I’ve done in the US and Mexico over the years, there is ONE thing I have found to be true for everyone. LOVE. These people have nearly nothing when it comes to material possessions, yet they have LOVE. And THAT creates happiness, wholeness and community.

LOVE doesn’t cost a damn thing, yet it is (in my opinion) the most powerful gift we can give one another. We ARE love. And I want to encourage you give it freely. To strangers. To your family. To your friends. To every single person and animal you come into contact with.

Consciousness to me means creating awareness of how you show up in the world. And committing to your own growth in order to constantly SHOW UP as the BEST version of YOU possible. Actively stepping into your power, leading with HEART. No expectations. It also means cultivating awareness of your surroundings.

We are all amazing human beings. We all have so much greatness within us begging to be shared with the world. Open yourself up to doing so. Not only will you fill the hearts and lives of others with a truly beautiful gift, but your own heart will be elevated in the process, which creates even more LOVE to spread.

How will YOU show up today? How can YOU inspire others?

Let’s work together to create conscious communities. Conscious kids.

Just love, baby. We are ONE.

– Sheree Trask

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