Words Of Beauty

Do You Hear Me?

Listening to someone and really HEARING them are two totally different things…

So many of us are caught up in our own to-do lists that we often fail to separate our personal agendas from what – or who – is right in front of us. We pay lip service so we can move onto the next thing on our list… But being present is just that – a present. And it’s something that doesn’t cost a damn thing.

Think about a time when you were truly heard. How did it make you feel?

Loved, right?

We all deserve to feel loved because LOVE is WHAT we all are!

Should we wait for someone to make us feel this way? Absolutely not! But if we can do our part to help others recognize the insane amount of incredible gifts they hold within them and give them the space to shine and share that amazingness with the world, shouldn’t we do that? I think so.

I want to encourage you to commit to being present. Put technology away, silence your thoughts and just BE. Sit in the beautiful space that’s been cultivated and relish each moment for what it is instead of trying to FIX, CHANGE, or CREATE anything different. Each moment – conversation – serves a purpose, is doesn’t matter if you know what that is.

If you think about it, honest communication is one of the most vulnerable expressions a person can share with you. By respecting one another enough to honor each others thoughts, fears, joy, ideas, experiences or anything else… and HEARING what is being said, we validate that persons importance on this planet as a necessary and valued human being.

I don’t know about you… but I think that sounds pretty good.

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