Random Thoughts

If You Want To Know Someone…

So many of us are walking around on a physical plain when in reality, who we are and our experience on earth has nothing to do with our outer appearance.

Time and time again, we are drawn to the physical essence of another first before knowing their soul and the true tenderness that makes that person unique. And we conjure up a story in our heads as to what we believe this person has to offer us (sex, companionship, opportunity, etc.).

Too often we (society)…

Listen, but fail to hear.

Offer opinions, but fail to accept others actions when they choose to do what they feel is right for them.

Feed our egos in “service,” but become upset when our expectations aren’t met.

We are all energy. What we put out always comes back. We are not our physical bodies… we are what’s inside.

If you want to KNOW someone, learn to…

Hear them. Not just listen.

Accept them. Even when you don’t agree.

Release ego-driven expectations. And serve the world from your heart, simply because everyone deserves to be loved, respected and appreciated.

Do this for others. Do this for yourself.

Mantra: I honor the uniqueness of those that I come into contact with. I love from a place of authenticity and seek to know people on a soul level, ignoring societies standards of beauty. I listen intently and accept that others actions are not my own. I release any expectations that do not serve the greater good.

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