Words Of Beauty

Never Settle

What if… you didn’t settle?
What if you took your time, invested in your own development, met your own high standards and waited for the partner who exceeded your expectations more and more each day?
What if… it was possible to have it all?
What if there was a way to see into the future and realize that someone exists who is a reflection of all the best qualities you have to offer?
What if… someone exists who is better than you thought possible?
What if Hollywood isn’t a fantasy, but actually a representation of our highest potential?
What if… you felt whole on your own?
What if your heartache was healed, your identity was clear, your purpose was known and your life felt fulfilled as a single individual?
What if… you loved yourself first?
What if you attracted people effortlessly because the way you loved yourself was the way everyone wants to be loved? What if you were so full of the kind of energy you wanted that you had an excess to give away? What if who you chose to be in relationship with was a reflection of that same abundance of love?
What if next time you didn’t settle, but chose the one who made you happier every moment you got to know more about them and instead of revealing flaws they revealed more layers they had to give?
– Graham R White

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