Words Of Beauty


I find immense peace in knowing that I have the power to dictate my path in life. And you have the same power – how cool is that?!

As a society, I find we give way too much of our power away when it comes to achieving all the greatness within us and living the life we truly desire. There are expectations that we place on ourselves and those that are placed upon us by others. There is the idea of “keeping up” with the masses and proving ourselves constantly.

But this is the ego. And the ego doesn’t serve us the way living from a place of authenticity and BEING, DOING and SHOWING UP as WHO WE REALLY ARE does. Sure, some won’t like it. That’s okay! Welcome adversity and embrace our differences. Whether you understand it or not, every person serves a purpose.

We are all faced with this daily. Maybe you’re someone who can check yourself when this happens because you’ve created that awareness, which is awesome! Or maybe you are stuck in the victim mentality and believe that life is happening TO you instead of WITH and FOR you. If that’s you… no judgement! But I suggest you get honest with yourself and begin seeking out and recognizing your triggers that are creating these patterns in your life in order to turn them around so you can live the life you were destined to live in pure joy and happiness.

You deserve this. And it is absolutely possible.

Always remember that you are LOVE and you can be HAPPY under any circumstance. The only person who can dictate otherwise is YOU because YOU, babe, hold a ridiculously incredible amount of power. Learn to use it to catapult you forward and find the place that makes your heart sing. It doesn’t matter what you’ve been thru, or where you’re at right now… it’s never too late to re-write your story. You’re so worth it. All of it.

– Sheree Trask

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