Words Of Beauty

Soul Gazing – Try It!

Soul gazing… The simple act of being present with another person in silence is a truly beautiful experience and I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to share in such a lovely exchange recently.

We are all so connected. While our exteriors and life experiences may differ, in the end, we’re all just people seeking to love and be loved.

Tapping into the essence of another and seeing them as whole, complete, thriving and expanding in their purpose is powerful. When we share our energy with another person, we can literally aid in the transformation of their journey and align in the manifestation of life to unfold just as it’s supposed to.

When we choose to appreciate and acknowledge the soul versus the physical body, we transcend the reality of who we are at our core, elevating our vibration and being a source of incredible inspiration and healing to ourselves and the world. That’s why we’re all here… isn’t it?

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