Random Thoughts

Time Spent Wisely

It’s not lack of time, it’s whether or not our time is spent wisely.

We all have the same 24 hours. And if you’re like me, those precious minutes tend to fly by fast from day to day. It’s gentle and loving reminders of what really matters most that cause me to reflect with love and gratitude on how I spend my time while I’m here on this beautiful planet.

I’m so sure of what I want and the kind of people I want to be surrounded by… yet it’s these little nudges that snap me back into reality, quietly reminding me that my non-stop lifestyle isn’t always in alignment with cultivating the partnership and family I desire. Turns out you can’t make these things magically appear (although I’m a big believer in manifesting… action is required).

Universe, thank you for grounding me and kindly reaffirming my souls desires while still allowing me to fulfill my purpose each day.

Mantra: I love myself and others enough to show up as my best self, making time for people and experiences that are in alignment with my heart and soul. I lovingly and completely invest in my passions, work and otherwise. I am fully present in my life.

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