Words Of Beauty

Worship The Earth

I don’t want to tell you

how to love me.

I only want to breathe softly as you trek across my body

like a nomad wanders the desert

in search of water.

Dip into my dark crevasses

like you have found oasis.

Drink hungrily from me, satisfy your thirst

as though you have been parched for 100 years.

I don’t want you to tell me

how to love you.

I only want to map your body

like a cartographer of ancient times

tracing my fingers along this valley,

that continent, mapping on your skin

this warm sea

that tropical paradise.

I want to draw the lines of the equator on your body

and cross it with my gentle mouth.

I don’t want to light candles

or turn on music.

I only want our soft sighs

to fill the air, our breath a union,

and the gently whirring fan a background

to our travels.

This is just one more way

to worship the Earth.

– Keeley Milne

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