Packing Differently When You’re Flying Solo

Confession: my tagline should be “clothing optional” and I have ZERO shame about it.

But when packing for this trip – knowing I was going alone – I thought much differently about what I would be bringing with me.

Those cute little skirts and short tops? Not coming with me.

And because I want to be incognito (as much as I can being a blonde-haired blue-eyed American female traveling to Southeast Asia) – no jewelry, heels or hair products either.

Now I’ve been called fancy pants a time or two in my life… okay, maybe regularly. But this trip, I’m going undercover!

And because I got some great tips from a fellow solo traveler babe of mine… I wanted to pack in a way that would allow me to carry all of my own luggage without needing help.

The result.


I have 1 backpack, that I will be checking (with TSA-approved locks because apparently there have been issues with people sneaking illegal drugs in peoples luggage)… and my small little carry-on suitcase with some essentials. A carry-on was necessary given I have a 36-hour travel journey. But the point is, I can carry it all by myself. And I feel liberated knowing I don’t need to ask someone to grab my bag for me, or help me as I walk down the road to my villa when I arrive.

This B got this, yo!

So here are some of my travel MUST’s for my fellow solo traveling goddesses out there… (this may change when I arrive, but I’m  pretty confident in my skills)… Keep in mind the below list is for 3 weeks abroad. Some things may not be available in Bali so I came prepared.


  • Bathing suits. Multiple. I stopped at 4. Torture.
  • Long skirts, 3. Breathable and versatile.
  • Tanks. I brought 6, which can all be interchanged with the skirts I brought.
  • Pants. Harem, Teeki (yoga) and hippie cotton. Because Bali.
  • Undergarments. Enough for 10 days and plan to wash as I wear.
  • Socks. Truth be told, I despise socks. But necessary for walking, hiking, exploring and working out. 5 pairs.
  • Shoes. 3 pairs of sandals and a pair of tennies. My heels will be waiting for me when I get home.
  • Jewelry. 3 pairs of earrings that can be worn with anything, nothing flashy, just something to make me feel feminine.
  • Cover-ups, 2.
  • PJ’s. It’s hot, like 85-95 degrees with 75-100% humidity. These are likely not needed, let’s be honest.
  • 1 baseball hat and 1 sun hat.
  • Sunnies.
  • Active long sleeve shirt and casual long sleeve lightweight jacket.
  • 2 light cover-up shawls for temple.

Aside from clothing, here’s what else I have in my luggage. In case you need a simple check list (although I left out things like toothbrush, which yes, I did pack).


  • Camu-Camu. Heavy dosing vitamin C for immune support.
  • Probiotics. I take these daily, but SO important while traveling, especially to a foreign country. Exposure to different types of flora can be iffy. Ain’t nobody got time for days on end praying to the Porcelain God! Keep your gut happy and healthy, while supporting your immune system too.
  • Astaxanthin. Helps prevent sunburn and bug bites. I started 10 days prior to my trip.
  • Organifi Green Juice.
  • EHT. Neuro support from Nerium.
  • Kava. I am a light sleeper and my fear friend said this was magical so I’ll give it a try on my big travel days. Wish me luck!
  • BCAA’s. Helps with muscle recovery and energy production. Helps keep me fueled and strong during workouts.
  • Creatine. This is a new one for me so nothing to report on this. It’s suppose to help with muscle recovery though.
  • Plant Based Protein Powder. I love Sunwarrior Warrior Blend… until we have our own anyway (coming in 2016!).
  • Digestive Enzymes. These help assimilate, absorb and digest nutrients.
  • Vitamin D. Immune support.


  • 2 bottles of sunscreen. Because of the intense sun, it was recommended to bring 1 bottle per week per person. I’m a rebel. I hope 2 is enough! And it was advised to bring my own because apparently  sunscreen in Bali is ridiculously expense (unlike everything else there).
  • Natural bug spray and bracelets. I have a severe reaction to bug bites and don’t want to risk it.
  • Essential oils (I love DoTerra). DigestZen (for digestion, tummy aches); Lavender (for calm and sleep); Ylang Ylang (you can look that one up…); OneGuard (immune support); Balance (ease anxiety); Tea Tree (in case the buggies bite).
  • Coconut oil. A great moisturizer.
  • Shampoo, conditioner, etc. – all the essential bathroom stuff.
  • Camera.
  • Yogitoes (because I plan to practice daily and my towel makes the “necessity” cut).
  • Laptop.
  • 4 books.
  • Journal.
  • Snacks!

2 more legs of my LONG and exciting journey before I land in Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia. 2 weeks in Ubud, Bali and nearly a week in Legian. I probably over-packed but I’m getting better. #silverlining


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