Work Then PLAY! – Day 7

I spent the morning on a conference call with my team, whom despite the fact that I am in a beautiful country, I miss TERRIBLY!

After some writing, editing and mapping out the next days tasks, I took a dip in the pool before heading out to meet some friends for the evening.

Scooter drivers have proven to be a little aggressive at times and drivers are far more expensive, so I gave Uber a try… yep, even in Bali!

It was a great experience and I will definitely be using them more while here.

He dropped me off at Sri Bungalows in Ubud, near Monkey Forest, where I met Louise and Ashlee to walk to Ubud Palace to watch some Balinese dancing.

On the boat back to Gili a couple days ago, we’d met another solo traveler from the Netherlands, Natalie, who ended up joining us for the night as well. She’s 25 and here for just a few days between her travels in Australia and Thailand. She just finished school (abroad in Aussie) and will be heading home to the Netherlands at the end of January.

We walked to the Palace and purchased our tickets to the show, which were 85,000 rupiah (under $8 US). As usual, it was extremely humid so we grabbed bottles of water and purchased hand-crafted fans for 20.000 rp and found our seats.


The detailing of the stage and instruments was stunning. And when the performers came out I was in awe of the intricate detail in all of their costumes. The subtle movements of their hands and facial expressions was incredible. So beautiful. (these pictures don’t do any of it justice)





The dance was based on the story, which is pictured below… (may be hard to read, but essentially it was a story of an arranged marriage, which doesn’t happen)


It lasted about 1 hour 20 minutes and from there, we got a car to take us to the Geinyar Night Market, about a 25 minute ride.

Our driver had a great music play list so we danced and sang all the way there. I told him I wanted to see his moves, which is proudly shared.

We walked thru the market, which was primarily local food. A lot of fried items. And despite people telling me and reading before I left that Bali was primarily vegetarian and vegan, meat was everywhere (as is all over Bali, don’t be fooled, travelers!).

Without many options, I decided on a mix of veggies, beans and lentils mixed with spices (serombotan). I felt it immediately that I had made a poor decision.

We got their too late to stay long as the market was closing, but it was a fun experience, nonetheless.

On our way back, we were stopped by Polisi (police) to check our drivers papers. When I asked why they do this (it happens all over the Bali), I was told it was due to Isis. While I appreciate the effort to keep everyone safe… pretty sure Isis would be smart enough to forge some papers if need be. Regardless, we got home safe. THAT is what matters.

It was a good day… I am ready for a change of scenery and looking forward to a weekend in Uluwatu. Still debating moving my villa, but we shall see.

Asia is not for me BUT, I am so grateful to have this experience and be learning about another culture, which prides itself in their faith and community. It’s inspiring.

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