I’ve Got The Eatin’ Thing DOWN! Now It’s Time To PRAY! – Day 9

I could barely sleep last night… I was SO excited for my new adventure into the heart of Ubud.

I woke up smiling from within, KNOWING that THIS was exactly the right decision for me on this journey…

And when I got to my new villa, I was NOT disappointed!

An infinity pool overlooking rice paddy fields? YES PLEASE!

A patio complete with a writing table overlooking another pool, fountain and rice paddy fields as well as a running stream with koi fish? YES PLEASE!

Air conditioning? ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME?! Heck yea!

You’re such a tease, Bali…

After I got settled, I took a break from work and headed to The Yoga Barn, only a 5 minute walk from my villa.

Yin Yoga + Meditation was EXACTLY what I needed to reset and come back to the reason I traveled all this way in the first place… which was to LOVE MYSELF UP!

So far, I’ve successfully figured out the whole “eating” part of eat-pray-love. And I’d like to think I am doing pretty good on the ol’ “love” front too – massages, yoga, journaling… But I’ve been slacking on the PRAY aspect and for me, that’s HUGE!

The class started with a partner exercise and a loaded question from the instructor…

Are we LIVING or DYING each day?

We took turns in 3 minute increments answering this question, which really doesn’t have a right or wrong answer. It’s all relative.

I turned to my partner, Jenni, a solo adventurer from Finland (who had actually just traveled from spending a month in San Diego where she stayed in La Jolla, holla!)…

I answered with we are doing BOTH simultaneously… to LIVE is to DIE and when we are removed from this meat suit we call our physical body, our soul continues on. At least that’s my belief. So while our skin, organs and the outward appearance of us is no longer here on earth, our spirit is left to continue doing it’s thing – spreading love, inspiring, empowering… whatever that looks like for each person.

An hour Yin class followed, which was so needed. My body LOVED this, as did my inner world. My heart sang and I finally, after 9 days away, felt ZEN!

(cue the trumpets!… or the chakra healing bowl, whatevs.)

After a 5 minute savasanna, we were lead in a 25 minute meditation to contemplate the question at the beginning of class.


I left feeling exactly what I’ve been craving sine landing in Bali a week ago… bliss. Total, utter euphoria.

Walking home from class, I was invigorated and inspired. I can’t wait to go back tomorrow!

The weather cooled off a bit today and the sun hid behind the fluffy white clouds quite early. This was a nice change from the overbearing heat, although the humid is still strong. And despite being in a tropical place, I have not spent a ton of time in the sun (aside from Gili T Island) so far. It’s entirely too much for long periods of time.

The bugs seem calmer here then where I had previously been staying. I hope that’s not just my imagination anyway. Or maybe they’re sick of my blood… amen to that!

I spent the remainder of the afternoon working from my patio before relaxing a bit and heading to Kafe for dinner. I kept it fairly light as my body was sending signals it wasn’t quite 100% and opted for Hibiscus Kombucha and Vietnamese Veggie Rolls (rice paper, tofu, veggies, rice noodles with peanut/coconut dipping sauce).

I’ve never minded dining alone in public. People watching. Eavesdropping (c’mon, we all do it). Hearing accents from all over the world is beautiful. I do, however, find it hard to quiet my own thoughts in these moments and sit in silence with myself. I’m working on that.

I read for a bit – Attached by: Amir Levine and Rachel Heller (recommend) – journaled and went to bed.

It was a beautiful day.



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