Rain Rain, Go Away – Day 14

Woke up hoping for a miracle in the form of hot water… and functioning internet.

No dice.

After a half-assed Skype call with a friend, I attempted to get on a call to talk business with our SEO consultant… total epic fail.

At this point, I just have to laugh. There is nothing I can do to change the situation – but I can absolutely change my attitude toward it. I have been feeling so stressed the last couple of days and let’s be real…

I’m in fucking Bali! What is there to be stressed out about?

So I’m sweaty and my feet look like I’m homeless… at least I have a roof over my head, with AC and a shower (even if it’s now cold water).

So I can’t get my work done as quickly as I am used to… at least I have the option to work anywhere in the world doing what I love with people that inspire, empower and support me.

Seriously, Sheree. Pull your sweaty head out of your bug-bitten ass. Life is glorious. Period.

Louise and I walked to one of our favorite cafe’s in the area – called Kafe – creative, right?

And praise the mutha freakin’ LORD – we have internet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cue in the orchestra – wait… screw that! Cue in Snoop Dogg and some booty shakin’ beats! This chick is ready to GET DOWN with the WEB!!!

I noshed on carbs – banana bread to be exact – (because that’s apparently what I do here) and fresh juice and GOT SHIT DONE!

After a solid 8 hours of catching up, rewording some video content and editing, I made myself STOP for some self-care and self-love… in the form of yoga and a massage!

Finally… I am feeling a sense of accomplishment! And while I could have worked another 8 hours today, I am not here to sit in front of my computer all day.

Balance. Such a work in progress for me.

Louise and I walked to our 2nd home, The Yoga Barn – and took an 1.5 hour Vinyasa class. Practice here is so different to me, much like everything here, it’s all slower. This class was challenging, yes. But not my style. I was happy to move my body though, that’s for sure!

From there we popped into Zen Bali Spa next door. Each of us opted for an hour Balinese style massage. It was incredible! I can’t get over the chest massage – um… love!

We then indulged in a Balinese pedicure, which was comical.

They filled buckets of water, which we soaked our feet in. Then they did a short massage and trimmed, filed, etc. But we were seated in wooden straight-back chairs… not the most comfortable. And they dried our toes with hair dryers! HAHA! I guess that’s one way to do it.

Relaxed and loose, we made our way to SOMA, which has quickly become a favorite of ours. We talked, laughed and ate (standard) and shared a delicious chocolate cake (well, a slice) with banana-peanut butter-fudge coconut milk ice cream – all gluten free and vegan. Such a treat.

I only got bit ONCE today, so I call it a success.

I move villas again tomorrow, which means a night of packing once again. This time, I am off to Legian, a beach town about 1.5 hours South of Ubud. And THIS time, I am going for luxury, baby.

5-star resort on the ocean? Yes please! I am ready to be pampered. Spending Christmas totally alone… this will be something new, that’s for sure. But it will be amazing… and so it is.



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