So You’re Telling Me There Is No Internet? – Day 13

I love storms. They remind me of being a kid and sitting on the porch swing all bundled up with my Nana as she told me ghost stories amidst the rain, wind, thunder and lightening. Hot cocoa always accompanied these nights.

I get excited in San Diego when it rains – it brings back so many memories of growing up in Snohomish, WA (outside of Seattle). Soccer games in the mud; track meets and cheerleading while drenched and freezing. Running through it laughing and jumping in puddles. Of course, I moved to Cali to get away from all of that, but I wouldn’t change a THING about where I grew up. I love my little hometown – and the people in it.

Ubud, Bali is different though.

When it rains here, it’s a bit disastrous for those of us that need the internet to get work done.

Not to mention the hilarity of walking in it where sidewalks are scarce, potholes are rampant and you’re sure to come home filthy.


I started my day with a Yoga + Weights class. I am craving a good sweat sesh (NOT from humidity) and a serious booty burn (NOT from local bug bites). I desperately miss my weekly pilates, gym and yoga classes and can say without a doubt that my workouts are one of the things I look forward to most when I come home.

The class was good. If you’ve ever taken Sculpt at CPY, then you can get an idea of the structure. Vinyasa movement, with weights. Because of the slow pace of the class (as with everything here), it wasn’t as intense as I had hoped. But the goal was to move my body – mission accomplished.

The instructor was from the Caribbean and her accent and braids were awesome! “Eh mon…” Yes!

Like all the other classes I have taken, the music was barely audible… and the class was 1.5 hours. The instruction, like the movement, is much slower than I’m used to.

The theme in Bali, as you can probably tell, is nobody is in a hurry to do anything.

This is SO strange for someone like myself… but it works for them.

I headed back to my villa for breakfast and got to work.

Or tried anyway.

Another storm rolled through today – the morning sun was such a tease.

Connecting to the internet, easy enough. But having it function? Not so much.

I spent 8 hours doing what should have taken me 2-3 back home. And still didn’t finish what I needed to do. Only 4 scripts down, unable to do any solid research because of the lack of functionality of the web. Cafe’s weren’t any better.

It makes you appreciate the ease in which we have everything at our fingertips in the US. And it also forces you to sit back and ALLOW things to happen in their own timing. My schedule isn’t up to me… not in Bali anyway. I am left to surrender to the powers that be and hope they will work in my favor sooner than later.

I was hoping to get everything done today so I could have a little time during the day tomorrow to enjoy some sun (because I am manifesting that it come out!) but looks like that’ll have to wait. On the upside, at least I have a beautiful view to enjoy as I write. (I can’t get enough of this turmeric, ginger, pineapple, lime juice – so dang good!)

Louise and I went to dinner at Clear Cafe with a local here named Andrea. She’s lived in Bali for 2 and came here from Kauai, although originally from the PNW.

It was a lovely evening – way too much food! But great conversation and a long walk home to lower our cortisol levels and help our body digest before bed.

Praying for internet resolution tomorrow… and a hot shower.


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