Where Have I Landed? – Day 16

Ohhhhh, Legian. You certainly are VERY different from Ubud… in more ways than one!

It’s Christmas Eve here (16 hours ahead of my peeps at home). I woke up and did some work as I enjoyed my favorite juice from The Yoga Barn (brought one with me for the road) – turmeric, pineapple, ginger and lime.

After breakfast, I went for a walk in hopes of finishing up a little Christmas shopping…

While everywhere I have been in Bali is heavy on the “Taxi (although they spell it Taksi)… motorbike?” thing… Legian is on another level. Every 5 steps, “taxi, motorbike?” I can only say “no thank you” so many more times… LOL. But this side of the island seems to attract another type of tourist.

Where Ubud was the “yogi” “enlightened” “soul seeking” tourist, Legian is the “party” “jiggy-jig” (in case you missed an earlier reference to that, it’s slang for ‘making sex’) “surfer brah” tourist, many of which come here from Australia because it’s a quick and relatively inexpensive trip.

The vibe cannot even be compared. I feel like I am in a different world…

The shopping here is very different too.

In Ubud, shops line the streets with handcrafted goods. Everything is pretty much the same, but there is a lot of care put into these items, making purchasing things more meaningful, at least for me.

In Legian? A mall. Think Gap, Victoria’s Secret, Quicksilver, etc.

Honestly, it was nice to see some familiar shops BUT, I’m in Bali! I don’t really want a “mall” like back home to shop for gifts. Prices were a little less than the states, but I didn’t buy anything. I like picking things out for people that have meaning… and since I am in another country, I wanted those things to come from this place.

I decided to walk the back streets to find some more authentic gifts and again, Legian – you are WAY different.

The shop workers are SO pushy here… like incredibly so.

Grabbing my arms, trying to pull me into their shops… “buy this… good price…” I just can’t get down with that, even in a place like this where tourists are everywhere and I am sure the locals have been conditioned that this method works. It clearly does for many, or they wouldn’t do it. But NOT for me.

The shops have much of the same as Ubud – Batik (beautiful handwoven fabrics), hats, jerseys (Americanized of course), fans, purses, shorts, pants… reminds me of shopping in Mexico.

But in Legian, they also have a plethora of wooden and silver… wait for it…


Yes. You read that right.

What the fuck?!

This is also the part of the island (the water side of Bali) where “jiggy-jig” is more prevalent soooo….

Do people really buy these? And what do they do with them? They come in all sizes, ONE shape. LOL. I don’t get it. Maybe I don’t want to.

Kids these days… yep, I’m at that age, apparently.

PicsArt_12-24-11.58.46After finding 2 gifts, I couldn’t handle the pushing to buy things or the intense heat/humidity so I made my way back to my hotel for some pool time.

One of the books I am reading right now is called, Immovable Heart Unstoppable Mind by: David Zappasodi. It’s great and I definitely recommend it.

There are so many wonderful nuggets of inspiration in this book, but a few that have stuck out to me so far are:

The real “devil” of health is out pattern of holding onto the past. It is not the past events themselves that are the problem, it is our pattern of holding onto them that is the problem. This holding on gives us a rigid identity, so we become less creative and able to adapt, it creates attachments and expectations that dictate our emotional states, and it causes us to desire a better future.”

Generosity is a joyful separation, a joyful parting of ways that seeks nothing in return. When we practice generosity, we are giving, offering, or extending with a sincere desire to be helpful. It is giving for the pure joy of giving, and for no other reason. Cultivating the practice of generosity helps us to let go of obstructions without putting our attention on them. It is able to do this because when we develop the habit of giving purely, we re-pattern our minds to associate release with joy, rather than with pain.”

He talks about the importance of giving away 10% of your income and I absolutely LOVE how he describes this…

Income is not just money. Income is whatever is coming in to our experience. So whatever we’re experiencing, whether eating, talking, running errands – whatever it is, we should find creative ways to give during 10% of the time that we are experiencing it.”

If I’m focused on problems, I’ll see more and more problems in the world. If I have a tendency toward anger, I’ll find things to be angry about. If I’m focused on connecting, I will have experiences that help me feel closer and more intimate with others.”

Our inevitable “downs” or low points in life bring great opportunities for growth, but we can only take advantage of these opportunities through the practice of patience.”

For more goodness, grab the book and get to reading! Worth the investment into your personal growth for yourself as well as the benefit of others in your life. And isn’t that what it’s all about?

After a couple hours poolside, the drizzle began so I headed to my room where I received a call from the front desk letting me know they needed me to settle my payment for my stay.


I was sure I already paid that… and definitely wasn’t planning on throwing down another $500.

But life happens. And I am working hard to roll with the punches with more grace, as I tend to get anxious in situations I can’t control. Scorpio? Aries? Taurus? I’ve got ’em all. Whatever the reason, it’s who I am but I know I can be better. And I WANT to be better. Life is entirely too short to worry about silly things.

So after checking my bank statement, turns out the amount already charged when I booked in August was for the other villa I rented for the 1st 2 weeks of my trip (and only ended up staying at for 5 days without a refund – again, rolling with the punches).


I settled my tab – a lofty $500 US – and took a deep breath.

Money is just energy, after all. And I am committed to seeing it as such FULLY in 2016. 2014-2015 were NOT easy years for me on that front…

Leaving a 6-figure income to do what I love? Totally worth it!

But that also meant using my savings and 401K to make ends meet… which ran out in November.

So while $500 may not sound like much, right now, it is for me.

Hence my decision to go to Bali – my flight was just under $1,000 but I used miles…

And everything here is so inexpensive compared to the states…

I’m totally over budget and had a moment of panic.

But guess what? I can’t change it. I’m here. And this is an experience that for whatever reason was totally necessary in my personal life journey so instead I say THANK YOU. And find peace and gratitude for I believe in my heart that everything happens as it should, when it should.

With that all said, I needed to relieve some stress so I headed to the fitness center for incline sprints and a little full body workout.

The truth is, I have not taken a day to myself since being here and have worked every day, full days with the exception of 1/2 days on the weekends. I didn’t realize HOW much I just needed some ME time without thinking about ANY responsibilities – even the ones I love more than anything. But that will have to wait until I come home – and it WILL happen. Because I WILL break if not – ain’t nobody got time for that! Haha.

I have realized that this year, I have become even more of a work-a-holic than I already was… and it was to cover-up the emotions I was feeling towards all the changes in the past 12 months.

I didn’t want to admit it. Hell, I didn’t even want to SEE it. So I kept going at the rate I was and then 10 x’d it, because that’s just what I do with everything!

Always use your full ass, right? Don’t half-ass anything!

Turns out, sometimes you need to sit your ass down and re-evaluate.

Downtime does NOT equal laziness, or make you less than.

It’s necessary… and I totally SUCK at it.

But I am determined to be better at this. I am also determined to be better at asking for help. Something that I have gotten better at, but need a ton more work in that department.

Instead of joining in the Christmas Eve program at my hotel (games for the kiddos, holiday music and an international buffet), I ordered an appetizer – crab guacamole – and came back to my room to reflect, dig in to the discomfort I have been feeling and listen to the Christmas music from my patio while watching the lightening outside. Just another evening storm in Bali…

PicsArt_12-24-04.01.50It’s funny, with all the carbs and regular indulgences I have been enjoying the past 2+ weeks, my clothes are actually looser. Contributing factors? REAL ingredients (they have no idea what GMO’s here are… I’ve asked many people), sweating buckets daily and walking everywhere I want to go. I will NOT be indulging in these things when I return home, but I am not beating myself up for doing so here and as long as I feel good, I am more than okay with my decision to eat dessert almost daily and load up on bread (which would make me sick as a dog back home).

Tomorrow is Christmas and I am looking forward to a call with my mom. I’ve missed hearing peoples voices and more than that, I miss being present in the company of the ones I love. I am going to squeeze the shit outta my friends when I get back to SD (all of you reading this, you’ve been warned!). Hopefully some people will still have Christmas decorations up – better late than never, right? Planning to take full advantage of the holiday spirit immediately – lights, Christmas movies, mint hot cocoa (a tradition of mine) and surrounding myself by love.

If you’re reading this now, know that I love you. And I wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas. Thank you for being part of my life experience and sharing your beautiful light with me and the world. You’re really something special. Don’t you forget it!



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