Merry Christmas from Bali! – Day 17

She will continue, she will endure and grow. And the way she will see the world will be nothing more, but a reflection of herself. And all at once, the search will be beautiful. The birth of a flower is one to remember, the moment we all pay attention to her bloom. – R.M. Drake

Woke up to overcast skies from last nights storm. Tried making a few phone calls, but WhatsApp only works when connected to WiFi so my calls were not answered. Bummed I wasn’t able to chat with my mom on Christmas, but this year has been anything but “normal” so this was just another change to embrace, knowing that we can catch up in a few days when I am back in the states.

After my failed connection attempts, I headed downstairs for breakfast and indulged!

Hey, if Santa gets cookies, this chick gets treats too!

An egg, waffle with nutella (stop it already with this ooey gooey goodness) and a few bite sized pastries later… I took my peppermint tea with me back to my room and settled in to send a couple emails.

It’s my last full day here and honestly, all I want to do is nap, journal, read and reflect. And because I am alone, I can do whatever I want on my own schedule. Um, yes please! Always an upside. 🙂

PicsArt_12-25-02.18.32The sun begin to shine it’s pretty little head out of the clouds so I made my way to the Infinity Pool, where I have spent the majority of my time while in Legian (finally some pool time!!!). I splashed around for a bit and dove into my book for some more inspiration – totally loving this read, by the way. See day 16 post for the deets.

Around 2pm, the rains came! As everyone scattered, I found myself relishing in Mother Natures beauty and feeling a sense of calm. I, too, decided to head inside, but for a fleeting moment, I let the raindrops kiss my skin and I smiled… I like to think of these things as gentle nudges. Like the Universe is saying, “hey babe, you’ve made it this far… don’t stop now!”

After a quick shower I went to the hotel spa for a 75 minute massage – last one of the trip. Of course, being that this is a 5-star resort on the water, the massages are 4 times what I was paying in Ubud. However, still cheaper than Cali! Ubud was between $8-$11 US, whereas here, it’s about $35-$40.

As usual, they invited me to sit down to wash my feet before bringing me into the changing room where they offered me a robe, slippers and disposable underwear – which make me giggle every time.

PicsArt_12-25-05.51.34I mean, how stylish am I? LOL

The massage was lovely, although here, she didn’t pay much attention to my booty or chest, 2 of my favorite parts of the experience. Totally good regardless.

When it was finished, I stepped outside into a zen sitting room (outdoor) and was brought tea and cookies, pretty standard from what I have experienced here. They definitely know how to give you a memorable spa experience, which I so appreciate!

It’s my last night here and it being Christmas and all – I decided to take this time to just DO me and reflect on all that I have seen, done, heard, eaten, etc. while here.

Honestly, Bali is not exactly what I had envisioned. And while there are plenty of lovely thing about this place, I never did find the “magic” that everyone speaks of.

Bali is not for me, I know that now. But I am beyond grateful to have had the opportunity to come here on my own and experience all that I have. Would I come back? No. Would I recommend this place to others? Depends what they’re looking for.

I felt like such as asshole for not getting the butterflies I anticipated on this trip…

But then I realized that the reason I felt that way was because others mentioned THEY had those feelings when they came here and I thought that I should too.

Such a silly notion.

My experience here only matters for ME, nobody else. And the fact that I realized that 3 weeks sweaty, with dirty feet, no makeup, messy hair and casual clothing is not my gig. As my ex liked to call me, I’m a bit of a Hippie Princess. I love my hippie things – yoga, meditation, spiritualism, etc. – but I also love my girly side… and I am totally okay with that.

I love camping – for a weekend. But I love fancy hotels and resorts even more! It’s just who I am and instead of feeling bad about it, I have learned to embrace it and accept that although I would love to say that “roughin’ it” suits me just fine, it doesn’t. Not for longer than 4 days anyway.

I LOVE the outdoors. I LOVE being in nature. I LOVE experiencing new things… But I also like to come home to a warm bed, clean environment – and I like getting dolled up every once in a while!

I finished packing and sadly, didn’t find gifts for everyone on my list. 🙁 Maybe I will have a little time in the morning to venture out, but if not, I am sure they’ll understand.

PicsArt_12-25-07.05.25I ordered room service for my last dinner here – a traditional Indonesian dish, Vegetarian Nasi Goreng (their version of fried rice with veggies and tempeh and sambal, a spicy sauce).

SOOOOOO ready to come home. I will write a reflection post once I have a moment to let this all sink in. For now, I am just eager to get back to normalcy…

  • My daily workouts
  • Driving and washing my car (no more taxis or motorbikes for a while!)
  • Grocery shopping and cooking
  • Cleaning and laundry (I know, I am a weirdo)
  • Sharing inspiration with my team IN PERSON
  • Spending time with my friends
  • Speaking to people and understanding each other – no language barrier
  • Being able to call my family anytime… that’s a big one!
  • NOT spending money every single day – even though it’s SO cheap here, I am over spending spending spending… pretty sure I spent less here in 3 weeks than I would in a week back home though, so that has been a bonus!
  • Getting dressed up and wearing makeup!
  • Doing my hair! #girlygirl

The biggest reminder for me in being here is how much I value my independence, as well as how much I appreciate being surrounded by such love and positivity every single day.

And no matter where I go in the world, there is no place more beautiful to me – no place that makes me soul sing so loudly – than my home… San Diego, CA!

I’m comin’ for ya, Cali! And I am sooooooo excited to place my feet in the U.S.A. again!

Bali, you’ve been a gem. But it’s time for this wanderluster to find her way home.

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