Random Thoughts

Remember to dance!

The last year has been an amazing transformative, mind-blowing experience.

There are no words that could possibly express the immense amount of gratitude, strength, growth, vulnerability, confidence, joy, uncertainty, fear, passion, hope, love… that has brought me to the very moment I am living right now.

I took huge risks; but trusted. I left “good”; but trusted. I got uncomfortable; but trusted. I loved myself more than ever before… and trusted.

Not everyone will hear the beat of your soul.

That music? It’s not for them!

Everything you are within… Everything you’ve gone through up to this point… Every person you’ve encountered… Every experience that’s been placed in your path…

They are all for a reason.

A reason SO much greater than you could possibly realize.

So let go.

Dance to the music of your soul.

Know that the rhythm you feel in the deepest part of your being has been placed there to challenge you, test you, remind you that you, my beautiful friend, deserve every single piece of incredible YES that you desire.

Use your voice. Speak your truth. Know that YOU are LIMITLESS. Refuse to settle for anything less than really fucking amazing.

And recognize that your song is one of the most inspiring pieces of magical melody that the world has ever been honored to hear.

I’m listening. And I can say with absolute certainty that your music is something I’d play over and over and over again.

Dance baby… just dance!

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