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Unbreakable Self Love

Unbreakable self love.

It can be really hard to accept that we teach people how to treat us. Because if you find yourself in a relationship, be it romantic or otherwise, that isn’t serving and supporting your highest self, that means you had a hand in the creation of such. And that stinks! The cool part though is that with that awareness comes a new set of eyes. And a chance to reset your filter as to what you’re willing to tolerate. What you feel you’re worth! Because the truth is, we are all mirrors. What we attract, we already are.

Can you rise up?

Can you shine brighter?

Can you commit to seeing yourself as whole, worthy and enough?

I think so. In fact, I KNOW so. Because we are all completely capable and deserving of this amazing type of love… But it starts from within. WE are the ones that decide what we’ll allow into our existence. And to bring all that we desire into our path, we must first get really clear on how we want to show up for others and for ourselves. We must harness that unbreakable self love so that when we’re faced with people and circumstances that don’t celebrate our light, we can graciously step back and let go without guilt, knowing that in doing so, we are loving ourselves that much more. In turn, we’re able to give that same love to others. That’s what it’s about.


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