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The Key To Attracting All That We Want In Life

I believe wholeheartedly that we attract people into our experience based on WHO WE ARE. That means that WHAT and WHO we attract may change from time to time as we go through our own process and journey…

It can be incredibly humbling, to say the least, when we realize that those we felt so connected to are not at all what they appeared to be initially…

But is that US or THEM?

And it can be a hard pill to swallow when we attract people that are completely out of alignment with our core beliefs and desires – yet for whatever reason, they were brought into our lives, regardless…

And we welcome them with open arms. Because at the core of who we are is LOVE.

It poses questions like…

How am I NOT in alignment with my true desires?
What am I not seeing that is creating this cycle of misalignment?
How can I discover what is within me – holding me back – so I can RISE and adjust to find that flow that I so desire and deserve?
Where can I be better?

I am constantly digging into myself and seeking to be a bigger, better, brighter version every single day. And I have come to realize that I may never be satisfied with where I am in my life. And I don’t think that’s a bad thing.

Satisfaction to me = complacency. This is not a judgement – I am fully aware that I have a ridiculously active seeker mentality. But complacency for me = discomfort in the worst way.

Not discomfort as in, “Yesssss – go there! This is exciting!” But discomfort as in, “What do you mean there is nothing more in life?! That sounds awful!”

I tend to believe that there will always be MORE and THAT is where I want to go…

To the places that scare me. To the places that are so foreign that I need to not only draw the map, but pave the way… and sometimes, walk the path without a flashlight.

In my early 20’s, I used to get frustrated, thinking that others had it so easy… but then I realized (years ago) that it was ME in part. I am the one striving for ALL OF IT and never content with things just BEing. I want more. In all areas of my life. And if I would just be okay with mediocrity (by my own personal definition for myself), maybe it wouldn’t be so much work.

But EFF! The truth is, I LIKE work. Hell, I LOVE it, actually. And I refuse to give up my inquisitive nature because of the potential negative perception of others or because it may take longer to reach my destination.

Reflection is a powerful tool to guide us in the direction we ultimately want to go. While we are in something, it can be so hard to really SEE what’s going on. And if we are with someone who is not OPEN to diving into this exploration of life with us, we can begin to feel stifled and resentful.

So what’s the answer? The magic potion?

It’s kinda simple. And kinda lovely.


LIVE so big, while staying TRUE to WHO you are at your core, that the only possible option is for everything and everyone that shows up in your experience to be IN ALIGNMENT with you as well.

This happens because YOU will be showing up AS YOU ARE – the very person you were put on this earth to be. The valuable, beautiful, necessary human being that God/Source/Universe designed FOR the benefit of humanity.

My dear friend sent me a sweet message today that said, “You live and I’m inspired.” – along with this quote:

“To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people only exist.”

My message to you today is this…

Don’t just exist! LIVE OUT LOUD. LIVE as the very person that you are in the deepest part of your soul. LIVE with reckless abandon KNOWING that you are doing it all beautifully. Even when it’s messy.

Maybe you don’t know what alignment for you really looks like yet… maybe you are still trying to come into who you are… maybe your path is rocky right now and you are simply just trying to stay above water… and that is absolutely OKAY! There is no time limit, right or wrong. There just IS.

If you want your experience on this planet to be one in which life flows freely to and through you… I encourage you to dig in. Figure out what you want in all areas of your life – and BECOME that. SHOW UP as that. Don’t apologize for being who you are – as long as you are doing it all from a place of love, compassion, honesty and authenticity – then you are doing LIFE perfectly.

❤️ YOU, sweet soul, are everything. ❤️

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