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I did it – I jumped & faced my fear!

This afternoon was simply put… MAGICAL.

A little back-story…

A few years ago, I KNEW I wanted a platform to inspire and empower people to be seen and heard as their authentic selves. I wasn’t clear on what that really looked like, only that it would be a place where women especially could speak up and begin to see their scars as beauty marks and something to be PROUD of. Fast forward to December 2016 and I put it in writing that within 90 days, this platform would come to fruition.

Literally, within weeks, I was contacted by a local San Diego company asking me to do a podcast. Originally I thought they meant to come on as a guest. But then I found out it was bigger than that. They were offering me a HOME to host MY OWN podcast in THEIR studio with a producer ready to rock my voice and bring it to the world. I could create anything I wanted – no limits. MY show done MY way.

Are you kidding me?!

This is the power of declaration, intention and massive action, sweet ones.

Today, SoulFcked was officially BORNDisplaying PicsArt_03-03-04.26.32.jpg and I recorded my first episode for iTunes, Soundcloud and Stitcher Radio with my friend and fellow unicorn,
Abbey Gibb. Like me, she is also on a mission to inspire and empower women to step into their power and shine their brightest light. I was so humbled and grateful to have her as my first guest. She is an Emmy-Award winning journalist and the creator of, as well as a dear friend. Be sure to check her out!

We discussed FALLING in-love with YOURSELF, the law of attraction and worthiness. I guarantee if you’re breathing – and I’m pretty sure if you are reading this now that definitely means you’re ALIVE and sucking on air – you can relate to at least a piece of the show that we created today. Powerful stuff.

Be sure to subscribe on iTunes to listen to episode 1. The cherry has been popped!

What a beautiful reminder as to the power we all possess within to HAVE, BE and DO anything we desire in this life. It takes courage, for sure! And it’s so worth the risk.

Full disclosure, I was scared out of my mind today – what if I totally blew it?… what if I choked and sounded absolutely ridiculous?… what if… what if… what if… And here’s the thing – anything worth having involves some kind of risk. It takes you stepping outside of yourself and having a WHY that is bigger than you. I KNOW I am on this planet to help others find and use their voice. I KNOW I am here to help others create the life of their dreams by BEing authentically WHO THEY ARE. THAT is what gets me up every morning. THAT is what allows me to kick FEAR straight in the teeth and go for it, despite the feeling that I might throw up (and let’s be real, that’s okay too)!

I want to encourage you to TRUST yourself and know that you DO get to have it all in this lifetime. It’s going to take you committing – like NO SHIT – to going after it and NOT STOPPING until you have succeeded. And from there, you get to create MORE so you can keep moving forward.

I believe in you. And I am so grateful to you for being here, reading this and hopefully, tuning in to SoulFcked! “Orgasmic Fuel For The Mind, Body & Soul” – this is not your mama’s podcast (you’re welcome!).

Much love.

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