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I’m Certified in Holistic Health, have my 200RYT and am blessed to work as a Writer and the Content Marketing Director for & Organifi LLC – but I started my professional life with a Degree in Fashion! All things that I love tremendously!


It was thru my own personal journey with an Autoimmune Disease (Lupus SLE) that I found my life’s passion & purpose, which is HEALTH and healing the body – the WHOLE body – using smart food choices, positive mindset, daily movement and awareness. I am a firm believer in the importance of being in-tune with our own incredibly intelligent bodies and believe that when we listen and honor our body’s signals, we have the ability to heal ourselves and thrive.



It started in college. I was a young, vibrant, driven student, studying fashion in Los Angeles, CA. I lived at the beach with a dear friend and was living the typical college life – not enough sleep and always on the go. Life was good. I had always been someone who exercised and ate well, but it goes to show that there is more to the health equation than what we eat and how we move. Less than a year prior to this point, I’d gone thru three pretty traumatic experiences. Instead of dealing with them in a healthy way, I suppressed them, which led to inflammation in my body and ultimately, to the development of disease. Stress. It’s a killer. Seriously.


I woke up on what would be a typical morning, but this time was very different. My hand looked like I had half a baseball sitting on top of it and every joint and muscle in my body ached. I couldn’t walk on my own and felt as though I was having an out-of-body experience. What on earth was happening?! At the time, I didn’t have insurance so the idea of going to the doctor was just another added stress for me. I bit the bullet though. I went and saw my local doctor, who upon looking at me proclaimed, “you have rheumatoid arthritis… and probably fibromyalgia too.” I was devastated. I was 21, had always been in “good” health, what did this mean? It felt like the end of the world. I cried. I was angry. I felt hopeless and alone.


Fast forward to 8 specialists, multiple hospital stays – for unknown viruses, ruptured ovarian cysts, a major kidney infection, meningitis – and 5 long, hard, frustrating years later… I made a decision. Whatever had taken over my body & mind, nothing the doctors said or prescribed was working. I wasn’t getting better and I was watching my life pass me by. I’d had enough. I was going to take back my health and fight, no matter what it took! And I did just that.



All in all, it took nearly 10 years for a proper diagnosis. During that time, I took it upon myself to make lifestyle and dietary changes to improve my quality of life. I was my own guinea pig. Not everything worked out as I’d planned, but in the end, I found my way. Over the years, I listened to doctors theories and recommendations, but for me, my path was clear. I was on this journey for a reason and it was up to me to figure this out… I had a bigger purpose to fulfill on this beautiful earth and I was determined to be well so I could help others do the same.



I am now living an abundant, fulfilling life – medication and pain-free. The final diagnosis? Lupus SLE. The tricky part about autoimmune diseases is that they often overlap one another. Because of this, they are often misdiagnosed and mistreated. But I knew my body, better than any doctor ever would, and I knew that by educating myself and doing what worked best for me, I could get better. I listened, honored and provided my body the tools it needed to thrive and I truly believe that it’s the reason I am here today. Don’t get me wrong, I have some hard days here and there. But at the end of the day, this journey has been the biggest blessing in my life and one that I wouldn’t take back, not for a second. It’s shown me strength, courage, hope… at times, it’s shown me anger and defeat. But through it all, I found myself and I am here to share my gift of healing with others, providing a safe, compassionate space to allow them to spread their wings and fly.


I made the decision to find gratitude for my own health challenges and turn what I’d learned into something that could really help others make a difference in their own lives. I love guiding others on their personal journeys to a more vibrant, purpose-driven life full of health, happiness, energy, vitality and laughter. This is your journey and I would be honored to walk beside you through it.


Treating disease is a very personal and individual process and should be treated as such. The same disease can have many different faces, often changing frequently. The one thing that all diseases have in common though is this: inflammation. And more often than not, an imbalance in the gut – where 70% of our immune system is stored. Healing the gut has always been my primary focus when working with individual clients, because when we heal the gut & decrease inflammation, positive changes are sure to happen. I am proof of that.


She woke up every morning with the option to be anyone she wished. How beautiful it was that she always chose to be herself. – Tyler Kent White

Lifelong learner. Passionate manifestor. Hopeless romantic. Bookworm. Lover of fitness , sunshine, watersports, beach days (and nights), travel, new experiences, interesting people, laughter, meaningful conversations, gratitude, soul gazing. I just love LIFE, baby!


I crave a life filled with magic in the smallest of things.