I am often asked how I came up with the name Lemons and Laughter, so I thought I would share my inspiration with you and hope that my story warms your heart as it does mine, each and every time I tell it.


I have been fortmom and nanaunate to have two incredibly independent, strong, loving, inspiring, beautiful women in my life ~ my mom and my nana. From the time I was born, we’ve been the “3 musketeers”, always confiding in one another, having eachothers back, encouraging and believing in one another. We are eachothers best friends. Solid. Family.

I grew up in a typical American family just outside of Seattle, WA. Raised by a single mother who worked her tookas off to support us and provide me a safe environment to grow and flourish. I was a wild child, always on the go and giving my mom a run for her money. Dance, soccer, track, cheerleading. It never stopped. My mother is self-less, always looking out for others. Her heart spans miles, we’re talking countries, continents, out of this world kind of love. My mom is a rock star. Such a blessing to everyone she comes across and an incredible role model. When I was 7 and told her I would move to California to study fashion, she encouraged me. When I was 16 and came home with a pierced belly button, she smiled (not because she was happy). When I was 18 and ready to fly the coop, she helped me pack my U-Haul and drive me from WA to CA to pursue my dreams. She cries with me, laughs with me, puts things into perspective and tells me when I’m wrong, while giving me the space to have my own opinion. I got lucky ending up with her.

My grandmother – “Nana” – is a rock. Compassionate, yet tough. Loving. Insightful. Honestly one of the strongest women I’ve ever known. As a kid, I would spend Summers at her house. She taught me how to swim, build forts and eat from the Earth (although as a child, I was not quite as open to the idea of eating “weeds”). She’s survived cancer as well as a stroke and she still continues to LIVE. Now in her 80’s, she still attends school because, as she says, we should “never stop learning… that’s how you get old!”. I agree with her. It’s hard to explain, but I have always felt a soul-connection to my Nana. As if we are one in the same, only in separate bodies, 50+ years apart. She gets me. I get her. We connect on a level I can’t put into words. She taught me the power of food as medicine and the importance of cultivating a positive mind, no matter your circumstances. She is full of light and wisdom. Her stories touch the deepest part of my being. Her hugs are the best.

These two women rock my world and inspire me daily…


NanaThe old saying “when life gives you lemons…” was one that was used frequently in my household. Kids complain. I was one of them. I grew up in Seattle and hated the rain. But on the bright side, that meant splashing in puddles, making the best of the situation. As I got older, the saying evolved to add “…make lemonade.. .and make sure it’s a damn good glass!” Coming from my Nana, it always made me laugh. Something about grandparents using that type of language with such conviction makes my heart happy. Ahhhhh, laughter. So thru my personal health struggles and hers, this was something we always found comfort in, knowing that life truly is what we make it. And so Lemons and Laughter was born, thanks to my Nana and a damn good glass of fresh lemonade!