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The Key To Attracting All That We Want In Life

I believe wholeheartedly that we attract people into our experience based on WHO WE ARE. That means that WHAT and WHO we attract may change from time to time as we go through our own process and journey…

It can be incredibly humbling, to say the least, when we realize that those we felt so connected to are not at all what they appeared to be initially…

But is that US or THEM?

And it can be a hard pill to swallow when we attract people that are completely out of alignment with our core beliefs and desires – yet for whatever reason, they were brought into our lives, regardless…

Random Thoughts

Unbreakable Self Love

Unbreakable self love.

It can be really hard to accept that we teach people how to treat us. Because if you find yourself in a relationship, be it romantic or otherwise, that isn’t serving and supporting your highest self, that means you had a hand in the creation of such. And that stinks! The cool part though is that with that awareness comes a new set of eyes. And a chance to reset your filter as to what you’re willing to tolerate. What you feel you’re worth! Because the truth is, we are all mirrors. What we attract, we already are.

Random Thoughts

Remember to dance!

The last year has been an amazing transformative, mind-blowing experience.

There are no words that could possibly express the immense amount of gratitude, strength, growth, vulnerability, confidence, joy, uncertainty, fear, passion, hope, love… that has brought me to the very moment I am living right now.

I took huge risks; but trusted. I left “good”; but trusted. I got uncomfortable; but trusted. I loved myself more than ever before… and trusted.

Random Thoughts

Better Together

Not enough can be said for how much I value and respect those that challenge and push me to be better every day.

You can choose to see these things as jabs into your character or abilities – or you can see them as beautiful gifts to encourage growth and expansion… a chance to be better in all areas of your life. I hope you choose the latter.

Random Thoughts


People will try to dim your light. This is a reflection of them, not YOU. LOVE THEM ANYWAY. Causing pain in another person is often due to something much greater going on in their life. Support them without sacrificing your own integrity and happiness. If you cannot do this openly, commit to holding space for their process from a distance while also committing to focusing on your own growth.

Random Thoughts

Time Spent Wisely

It’s not lack of time, it’s whether or not our time is spent wisely.

We all have the same 24 hours. And if you’re like me, those precious minutes tend to fly by fast from day to day. It’s gentle and loving reminders of what really matters most that cause me to reflect with love and gratitude on how I spend my time while I’m here on this beautiful planet.