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I did it – I jumped & faced my fear!

This afternoon was simply put… MAGICAL.

A little back-story…

A few years ago, I KNEW I wanted a platform to inspire and empower people to be seen and heard as their authentic selves. I wasn’t clear on what that really looked like, only that it would be a place where women especially could speak up and begin to see their scars as beauty marks and something to be PROUD of. Fast forward to December 2016 and I put it in writing that within 90 days, this platform would come to fruition.

Literally, within weeks, I was contacted by a local San Diego company asking me to do a podcast. Originally I thought they meant to come on as a guest. But then I found out it was bigger than that. They were offering me a HOME to host MY OWN podcast in THEIR studio with a producer ready to rock my voice and bring it to the world. I could create anything I wanted – no limits. MY show done MY way.

Are you kidding me?!