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Random Thoughts

Remember to dance!

The last year has been an amazing transformative, mind-blowing experience.

There are no words that could possibly express the immense amount of gratitude, strength, growth, vulnerability, confidence, joy, uncertainty, fear, passion, hope, love… that has brought me to the very moment I am living right now.

I took huge risks; but trusted. I left “good”; but trusted. I got uncomfortable; but trusted. I loved myself more than ever before… and trusted.


I Bow My Head In Gratitude and Surrender – Reflections Of Bali

I was gone for 3 weeks – 18 days in Bali, Indonesia (+ outside islands) and another 3 days of travel there and back.

While I was away, I felt as if time had stood still.

I chose Bali for it’s tranquility, peace, spiritualism and beauty. Not realizing that although I craved some solitude in order to dive further inward and put the past behind me in an effort to move gracefully into my future, the truth is – chaos calls to me in a way that makes me feel alive.

It’s funny how we think we want something different, only to experience it and realize that in fact, ‘something different’ is not necessarily what we want after all… however, it may be just what we need.